Elliott Wave 5.0 "Reboot"

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Grand Supercycle Degree Wave 4 Is A Myth!

When you follow the link above you will see the super bearish wave count in Grand Supercycle degree. The most important thing with this wave count above, is that 1929 is still labeled as a SC degree wave 3-4 crash, which makes wave 5 in SC degree a extended wave.  GSC must crash well below 1970's price levels, and even those levels do not satisfy the previous 4th wave of one lesser degree guideline.  The entire 5 wave sequence in SC degree, depending on where you count from, has a length of 200 + years.  I like to use 233 years as this would be a Fib number as well. If I "only" count the 3rd wave in SC degree,  I have a 75 year length up to the year 2007.

  This is a idealized script for the wave count after this mythical GSC degree correction is over and done .  Since GSC degree wave counters need a complete set of 5 waves in SC degree then this would be another 200+ years for GSC degree wave 5 to end. The above wave count has waves 3 and wave 5 as the two extended waves and to create a script with the wave three as the extended wave we would make sure that wave three in Cycle degree is subdivide by at least two additional degrees.

Any wave count big or small, has certain pattern requirements that must get filled, to confirm what type of a move has actually happened, otherwise all we have is a bunch of pretty numbers and letters with no forecasting properties at all.  There are always 3 probabilities of what type of wave pattern we can get in any correction and once we create a idealized script we can count how many 5 wave sequences we should get, and where they should develop. This is not rocket science but just basic script writing that any wave counter should be able to do.

The three main corrective patterns are flats, zigzags and triangles. Combination waves such as "WXYXZ" waves are also flats, zigzags and triangles.  Once we count how many 5 wave sequences we would need for a specific degree then we have a good idea what it takes to confirm a move. Most all GSC degree wave counters have been counting out a expanded type flat , but a single flat would require about 5-6 sets of Primary degree 5 wave runs. We would need a maximum of 10 sets of 5 wave runs in Primary degree, to confirm a triangle in GSC degree.

 How many Elliotticians that are counting in GSC degree, have confirmed any 5 wave run in Primary degree? The answer is none! If you find any wave counter at all, that has completed one set please forward this wave count to me as I would like to see it.  Since the 2000 top or even 2007, not a single 5 wave sequence in Primary degree has ever been confirmed! Not in the DOW 30 or anywhere else despite thousands of expert wave counters, that have been trying to crack this code for decades.

The code breakers at Bletchley Park Bletchley Park : The Machines did a better job in cracking the Enigma code manually, than GSC degree code breakers do today. Today they have massive computer  computational power at their disposal, such as the iPhone and iPad. :)
Changing one wheel in the Enigma machine is the same as changing one degree in Elliott Wave, it scrambles everything .
Elliott Wave 5.0 "Reboot": Elliott Wave Enigma Code!

Pressing on with a wave count that has never been confirmed or has never been reviewed with a new book, does not install any faith in GSC degree wave counting at all.  Most all wave counting today is done with the 5th wave as the extended wave, but in the book it clearly states that wave 3's are most always the longest waves in the stock markets! If wave 3's are most often the longest waves then they are also most often the extended wave.
 What is wrong with this wave count above? Both waves are straight or zigzag type waves and therefore there is no alternation. The only difference between the two waves is the 1932 decline has a steeper decline.

This is the standard wave count for the 1929-1932 crash. Change it to a wave 1-2 and you have a complete new future besides the doom and gloom depression we constantly hear about.  I will stress it again, the markets will never see this stock market depression low as it would require the markets to crash through 6 major solar cycle bottom price levels.  Even the solar cycle confirms that GSC degree is a myth and the Fibonacci Spiral would not work as well.

The short version of it all is, "Grand Supercycle degree wave counters are chasing a mythical creature that has not been born".  A Grand Supercycle degree dragon! The Holy Grail, or the Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow. It does not exist in our world today!