Elliott Wave 5.0 "Reboot"

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Elliott Wave Enigma Code!

  Now this may not be something that you will hear about everyday or that it even makes sense but the real secret to EWP is the Degree Stack and how close we follow the sequence.
This is the major area in financial history where I have changed the largest wave count.
If I talk about the sideways markets in the 1900's,then between Cycle degree waves 3 and 4 is the area I am referring to.
 The degrees that we label everything is like a code, or even a DNA sequence that cannot be broken. When the code gets broken then it no longer works well and nothing but gibberish comes out the other end. The wheels on a Enigma machine are very much the same as the degree of waves in a chart pattern.

  The Enigma machine is a fantastic story that everyone should read, and it is all about the hard work done by the hackers at Bletchley Park . People that were good in any kind of problem solving skills  were recruited and they started hacking the cipher morse code messages by hand. Hundreds off millions of different code combinations could be created and I think the number was around 150,Million different combinations.
  This Enigma Code was broken many times but when the Germans added a extra wheel then all code breaking efforts came to a grinding halt and the British lost control of the code.
The same  thing is true with EWP, you do not want to lose control of the code!
Once the code breaking was started with everything being done on paper then a brilliant mathematician started working on the Bombe machine and they started to computerize the code breaking effort.

  On the bottom of the Bombe machine you will see the name "Turing" and I will let you search out his story, as it is related to one of Apple Computers main logo.

  Even in the movies Tom Hanks gets into the safe by keeping the code in sequence.

   There is no difference in EWP, as the code is also in a sequence, if you lay it out end for end you get a sequential code or a string.
When any analyst changes the wave count in block form then he is scrambling or unscrambling the code into millions of combinations and leaves all wave counts open for new interpretation.
   The argument in the early days of EWP was "if 1929 was a wave one or a wave 3" as RN Elliott did have the 1929 top as a wave one top. RN Elliott had 1929 as wave one in GSC degree and it was changed later to a wave 3 in Supercycle degree. When 1929 was identified as a wave 1 already, then it can also be changed in the degree. On this blog everything is in Supercycle degree.